My new sounds:

Tonight there’s a Super Moon

22. Deception: I want to disappear and come back the real me. 

21. I vow to never be the the other women again. August 1, 2014. 


Christen Mooney

Anonymous Show us that body

20. “I think I’m too cool to know you.” - Lana Del Rey

19. Independence: I’ve noticed somehow someway I’ve manifested myself into a control freak. Which has made me realize financial independence is crucial for my growing process. Which is way easier said than done. 

18: Emergency

"Can’t a young man get money anymore?" Illegal Search by LL Cool J

"Now what the hell is you lookin’ for, Can’t a young man get money anymore?" Lookin’ At Me by Ma$e

"Can’t a young nigga get money any more?" - Theraflu by Kanye West

17. The Pressure: These shoes gallop like the hooves of unicorns. Isn’t Helios such a good name for a son? Maybe I will have children one day. Right after I stop naming my shoes anime names. 

18. Starvation: Kory Mitchell won’t approve me on Twtitter. 

17. “When I’m sitting with Anna, I’m really sitting with Anna
Ain’t a metaphor punchline, I’m really sitting with Anna!! ” - Nicki Minaj

16. Desire: I want to be recognized for my artistic efforts and intellectual conversation. 

15. Messages: Lately all I can think about is how am I going to get ahead in life as an artist? How will my provoke the world while enhancing the visual boredom that we are faced with everyday?

And look good doing it. 

14. Meditative: Zachary Cole Smith is a STAR. I wish I could go back and relive this concert every single day.

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